Aela - Experiences Nature

Meet Aela, she is a member of the Companions Guild. A highly respected band of warriors. She wants to be remembered as someone great. Just like her ancestors before. But in her current form she is not ready to fight with her fellow companions. Her sword arm has gotten rusty and without proper guidance, there isn't much to be done. Until she met her boyfriend. He gave her hope at her lowest point. Training from dawn to dusk. Over time her fighting stance grew more confident! And her dexterity improved. It was like, things finally had meaning again. As usual, Aela went on her daily stroll. A billboard had been put up. There she learned about the lost cavern. Aela's curiosity took a hold of her, she could barely contain her excitement. Lost treasure, giants, this could be her chance! Finally, she can show what she has learned. Following the map's trail, Aela was confident she was close. That's where the fun begins. Aela finds Mammoths and has to seduce one of them. If she is not careful, the other Mammoths will be alerted. Aela didn't realize it, the Mammoth was getting too stimulated. Giants in the area began to watch Aela. Her talent was duly noted. Aela has been impregnated. And her body is adjusting to a Monster baby. But she isn't done, just yet. The aroma of her pussy attracted two wolves, eager to scavenge and fuck. She served those wolves, too. Why be a warrior when it is so much easier to be a slut. Presented by Erotica3D.

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