A Date With The Devil

This is a parody of the Harry Potter movie by OC Boon. All the action takes place at Hogwarts. Hermione is holding a magazine that she wants to read alone. She hid in the toilet and started reading. With each page, she became more and more excited. At some point she couldn't stand it and decided to masturbate. Hermione puts hand in her panties and starts masturbating. But after a while, she realizes that she doesn't want to masturbate, she wants to fuck with a guy, or rather with Ron Weasley. Hermione comes to the office where Ron is sitting and studying, and starts flirting with him. Ron didn't expect this and asks if he can touch her sexy pussy and ass. Hermione is just waiting for this. But Ron is weird, as usual, and he fainted after touching her sexy pussy. Hermione decided to look for another guy and this time she decided to seduce Harry Potter. She called him to her room. Hermione starts flirting with Harry, and he reciprocates her. He is shy, but approaches her. When he is about to touch her pussy and make her cunnilingus, he finds candy on the floor and decides to eat them instead of having sex. Hermione is angry again and she decides to make a second attempt. Hermione took off her bra, and Harry Potter also fainted. Some weak guys come across Hermione. She's not having any luck, is she really going to stay a virgin?! Hermione goes to wander down the street and accidentally falls into a hole. There she meets the tentacle monster who will take her virginity and fuck her exactly as she dreamed. Hermione's dream has finally come true.

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