Palmer and Tremonius - Dark Side

Enjoy sex with Palmer and Tremonius from the game Banished. Yes, the video is small and there is only one sex pose, but the guys do it unrealistically sexy. Tremonius grabbed Parmer and immediately got down to sex. He roughly entered her pussy and began to penetrate her as deeply as he could. He holds her tight and she can't get out. Tremonius enjoys sex while Palmer tries to get out. Tremonius continues to fuck her slowly, but very deeply. He licks her face, but Palmer doesn't like it, she demands to get off her. He's too stinky, and everything about him annoys her. Tremonius began to hold her even tighter, he does not want her to run away from him, he has not yet received what he wants so much. Palmer screams loudly that his dick is too big for her. Tremonius got angry at these words and began to fuck her even faster, so that she would forget about the pain. Palmer asks to stop, but he continues to be rude. Suddenly he cums abruptly and fills her entire body with sperm. Palmer moans with pleasure, she has no strength at all after sex with such a healthy monster. He kisses her softly and Palmer kisses her back, it looks like he was able to turn her on and relax. Support Sinthetic if you like this video.

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