Lara - Standing POV

Lara Croft has been working in the office for a long time and got to know all her colleagues better. She really liked one guy, and she constantly thinks about him. Lara Croft hopes he doesn't have a girlfriend and wants to have sex with her. Maybe they will get something more than just sex. Now is exactly the moment when Lara Croft is in the office with her colleague, just the two of them. Since she likes her colleague very much, she decided to admit it to him and said she wanted him so badly. The guy was delighted, because he also feels sexual attraction to her and does not mind enjoying her sexy body. They closed all the doors so that no one would disturb them. The couple immediately started having sex, they waited too long for this moment, and finally it came. Lara Croft began to seduce the guy and at first kissed him, and then showed her nipple. After she invites the guy to penetrate her pussy. He enters her and this is exactly what she dreamed of. The guy has a big dick, and he gently penetrates her. Lara Croft moans with pleasure. The guy undresses her even more and starts to fuck with all his might. She feels great and can't control herself. Lara Croft asks the guy not to cum in her, but he did not have time to stick out his dick. Lara Croft is at a loss right now and doesn't know what to do.

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