Tina's - 4th July

In this fantastic movie you'll see Tina Armstrong from the Dead or Alive series. Probably everyone knows that Independence Day is celebrated in the USA on June 4. Tina loves this holiday and is preparing to celebrate this great day for the country. She's up to something very sexy. Tina Armstrong is wearing a bra in the colors of the American flag, and she is ready to please any American with her huge boobs. Tina is already ready to start a sexual celebration with some unknown guy. By the way, the guy has a big dick. The size of the guy's cock really inspired her and she got excited. Mommy Tina with big tits is already horny from the desire to play with such a sexy dick. Tina Armstrong comes closer and puts his cock between her tits. Tina Armstrong squeezes dick tightly and also swings from side to side. The guy cums pretty quickly, but she continued to play with him. There was too little sperm and she wanted to see the fireworks of sperm. This time she tries to squeeze his dick hard and move faster. When the guy cums the second time, she will taste his sweet sperm. Tina did a great job, she fulfilled her national duty and made another American happier. This time there was enough sperm, and it satisfied Tina. Support Urbanator if you like this video.

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