Honoka - Birthday

In this video, all the action will take place at the university. The university year has just begun, and the girls can no longer sit down for lessons with a teacher. The main characters of this video are Marie Rose and Honoka, who are female fighters in the game Dead or Alive. It all starts with the 1st sunny day at the university. Honoka is having fun in class with some bald guy. While the rest of the students are studying, she has a sexual break for a few hours. She is really sexy in a training uniform. Honoka spread her legs wide, and the guy went deep into her pussy. They have fun fucking and enjoy what is happening. They are not the only couple who ran away from school to have a good fuck. Next to them is Marie Rose, who is also fucking with a cute guy. Now there are lessons and all teachers and students are busy. No one will bother the guys, and they can safely finish all their sexual affairs. It is quite possible that then they will go to study, but for some reason I doubt it. Sex is always more important than studying. The guy fucking Marie Rose uses a ruler to spank her smooth student ass. The couple will not change partners, but it's not really necessary. You'll just see a great gangbang from different angles. Marie Rose plays a role-playing game with a guy and asks him to stop, but the guy doesn't listen to her, he gets even harder. Marie Rose asks the guy to cum in her hot pussy. He will immediately fulfill her desire and fill her pussy with sperm. By the way, it was Honoka's birthday, and it was her gift. The guys decided to relax her and do everything in their sex power.

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Author: Maiden Masher | | more videos by this author


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