Canine Service - Tifa

In this video you will see Tifa Lockhart - a playable character from the Final Fantasy game. Wow, the couple immediately got down to business, without foreplay. The dog climbed on the Tifa Lockhart right on the street and started fucking her at some bar. Despite the fact that the night is dark and everyone around is sleeping drunk, they can still be seen at any moment. After the dog cums, Tifa Lockhart asked not to fuck her on the main street, as she was shy. But the dog is still excited, and needs some quick help. Tifa Lockhart decided to please the dog, and she found a way to have sex with the big dog. They went around the corner to start having sex as soon as possible. The dog couldn't wait any longer. Tifa Lockhart undresses and tries to seduce the dog. She shows him her sexy ass. The dog looks at her sexy ass and gets excited. At some point, the dog climbs on top of her and starts fucking her cute ass. Finally, Tifa Lockhart is relaxed and is ready to help the dog finish as soon as possible. The dog gets excited and starts to move faster. He adores Tifa Lockhart, he really likes her body. He wants her every day. At the very end of the story, he will change his position and cum into her ass. Tifa Lockhart is so tired that she has no strength, she experienced orgasm after orgasm. Finally, the dog has enjoyed sex and won't be aroused for a while. Now the couple can safely return home and go about their business. Support Manara Bleue if you like this video.

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