Aela - Revenge Part 2

Aela is willing to help avenge the death of Skjor. She is not afraid and is ready to protect everyone from danger. She went on a mission with another Dragonborn. On the way, the Dragonborn began to ask Aela if she had a boyfriend. She doesn't really want to answer such questions. But the Dragonborn confesses his love to her. But she asks not to waste time on her, she is not interested in it. There was a heavy fog and the Dragonborn offered Aela to spend the night in a secluded place. But she didn't agree. After a few hours of walking, Aela realized that they couldn't reach their destination before night-time. It would be best to set up a camp. A cabin appeared next to them. They knocked, but no one answered and they just went inside. Someone definitely lived here. Looks like the house was robbed. Whatever happened, the owner is long gone. As the hours passed by, Aela could feel the tiredness taking over her body. She finally decided to lay down and sleep for a few hours. The Dragonborn wants to take a closer look at her body. She was so gorgeous. The Dragonborn begins to get really hard. He can't stop thinking about fucking her. He starts jerking off. He tries to be quiet. When he's almost cum, she wakes up. She agreed to fuck him. She wants to feel his cock in her vagina. A Dragonborn tries to do everything in his power. But it turned out that it was just his dream. They went on their way. The weather is much better. They came to the place and separated. But the werewolf had grabbed Aela by her waist and ran away with her. The werewolf wants her body. The werewolf gets harder when his dick touches Aela's lips. He is enjoying the feeling of her tongue. After they started fucking passionately and another werewolf joined them.

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