Aela - The Fearless Companion Part 1

The Dragonborn was on his way to Jorrvaskr to claim his reward from Aela after completing a quest for her. The Dragonborn killed the bandit leader and successfully completed the mission. Now Aela has another new request. This won't be easy. The Dragonborn refused to do it and Aela got mad at him. Since it was a rather important and dangerous mission, Aela asked a few other guild members to help her. After most members helped her, Aela decided to take matters into her own hands. The mission was about a different group of bandits residing in the forest of Whiterun. These bandits would often pose a threat to innocent citizens travelling through the region. People were getting robbed, kidnapped and murdered by these low life scums. Aela knew it was her there to protect these people, even if other members of the Companions refused to help her. As she was marching through the streets to reach the city gate, her morale was through the roof. She felt like nothing could stop her. The bandit camp was only a one hour walk trip, but the road was dangerous. She was getting closer and closer. Aela was so focused on observing the bandits from a distance that she didn't notice the deep pit right in front of her. She was walking toward the pit. One of the bandits pushed her into the pit and now she is stuck in it. In the distance she noticed a woman getting violated by a big creature. She wants to kill the creature using her bow and help the woman. But at that moment another creature attacks her from behind. The creatures have captured Aela and stripped her naked. This is not the first time she's been captured by wild beasts, she knew exactly what they were after. To survive, she would have to be as cooperative as possible. She was bending over a tree, ready for whatever comes next. The beast slowly walked towards her and grabbed Aela by the waist. He started fucking her. God he's rough. She missed this feeling of being treated like this just feels so good. That was the best pounding her ass she had ever gotten. Her ass was turning red from all the pounding she had received. At this point Aela no longer had to pretend anything, she was clearly enjoying it. Aela has served the 3 creatures for 2 days straight, they decided to let her free since she was very cooperative, They became good friends. The creature showed her a secret cave entrance to the outside world. Aela could've left the cave at this moment, but she wanted to stay longer. After she returned, she was able to meet other members of the beast's family. They all gave her a warm welcome, one by one. She happily spread her legs for them.

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