The Bully

Attention, we will take another look at the story of the drunken mother you loved so much. This time the video will be without the son, but about another guy. This is an acquaintance of her son who is bullying him. He constantly mocks and beats her son. She contacted him by phone and tried to somehow resolve the conflict. But the guy is ready to stop beating her son only on condition that she fucks with him. He asked her to dress in a special way and is already ringing the doorbell. She opens the door with alcohol in her hands, she has drunk a lot. She does not believe that she took such a step, but for the sake of her son she is ready for anything. She talks over the terms of the deal with the guy again and lets him into the apartment. The guy agreed and looked at her sexy ass. She is unhappy that she has to do this, but nothing can be done. She takes off her clothes and they start fucking. The guy kisses her passionately. He aroused her, and then penetrated her ass with a big dick. The mother moans loudly with pleasure. Even for such an experienced woman like her, his dick is very large. Then he stretches her pussy. The guy moves very fast and cums inside her. At this time, her son calls her, but the mother is too busy to pick up the phone. After she sits on his huge cock and the couple continues to fuck until they cum. The guy is pleased with such a deal, he got from her what he wanted for so long.

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