Cell - EP06

In this multi-part cartoon the main character is Cell from Dragon Ball Z. You will also see minor characters - Android 18 (Lazuli) and Krillin. Cell is still trying to find Android 18. She hides and is afraid that he will find and kill her. She was left alone, without her brother and any friends. Cell didn't find her and flew away. She was able to breathe calmly. Suddenly she heard a rustle, turned around and saw a short Krillin. He asks not to be afraid of him, as he does not want to harm her. She immediately remembered him, since they already had cool sex before. She asks what Krillin is doing here. It turned out that he was looking for her and her brother. He wants to help her escape. She doesn't understand why he needs it. But Krillin is just a good person. The couple was about to kiss, when suddenly something happened. It was Cell, he finally found Android 18. The girl is absolutely not ready to die. Krillin tries to help her and asks her to run away. Android 18 tried to do it, but at the last second, Cell grabbed her leg. He also dealt with Krillin with one punch. Android 18 is angry, and Cell thinks how he will start to fuck her. Android 18 is still trying to fight back. But Cell easily overpowered the girl. He undresses her and starts sucking her toes, and then her nipples. Android 18 can't stand this kind of treatment. He sucks all the strength out of her, and she can't move. He continued to suck her and got to her pussy. After he asks to suck his cock. She refuses, but in the end he forces her to do him blowjob. He holds her tight and she can't break free. Cell laughs loudly. As a result, she falls exhausted on the bed, and Cell starts to penetrate her pussy. His dick is too big for her small hole, but he fuck her hard anyway. He fucks her both in the pussy and in the ass. After he fucked her, he wants to swallow her, she resists with the last of her strength. But he swallowed her anyway. Now he has all the power he wanted back.

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