Cell - EP05

In this multi-part cartoon the main character is Cell from Dragon Ball Z. You will also see minor characters - Android 17, Android 18 (Lazuli), Android 16 and Bulma. Android 17 has been fucking some girl for a long time. He cums in her, and at that moment Android 18 comes into their room. She is tired of listening to their moans for several hours. Android 17 completely forgot that he had to ask a couple of questions to the girl he fucked so hard. The girl answered, and Android 18 was very annoyed by her brother Android 17. He thinks only about sex. Android 17 and Android 18 got into the car and are going to go on a mission. Android 16 was already waiting for them in the car. Of course, Android 17 is not in a rush, and this really annoys his sister Android 18. In the middle of the road, Android 17 grabbed Cell right in his car. He nicely asked permission to talk to him. The guys did not expect this and immediately got into a car accident. The Androids were angry at Cell, they didn't expect that someone would dare to contact them. They want Cell to respect them. But Cell doesn't care what the guys want. He needs their bodies to move to a next level and become invisible. Androids don't understand who Cell is and what he's talking about. Cell is already looking forward to finally attacking them. Android 16 tries to protect his friends, but Cell easily kills him. Android 17 got angry and decided to fight with Cell. But Cell attacked him so fast that Android 17 didn't even notice how it all happened. He received blow after blow and could not fight back. When Android 17 was almost killed, Android 18 ran to his aid. But Bulma delayed her. She helps Cell to kill Androids. The girls start fighting. Android 17 is trying its best to cope. Cell undressed him and started masturbating his dick. Android 18 managed to defeat Bulma. Android 18 started looking for her brother, but it turned out that Cell had just swallowed him. She was very upset. She has no one else, she is left completely alone. Whatever brother she had, she loved him very much. Cell has gotten even stronger and now it's time to catch on Android 18. He gave her 5 minutes to get away from him. He decided to play with Android 18 one last time. Only in the next episode will we find out if Cell will catch Android 18. Yes, unfortunately, there were very few sex scenes in this part.

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Author: Hinca-P | | more videos by this author


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