Cell - EP04

In this part, you will find out what happened to Trunks and Android 21 from the cartoon - Dragon Ball Z. As you remember, in the last episode, Android 21 hit Trunks in the face, and they flew off in an unknown direction. They continued to fight, and Trunks tried to resist her powerful strength. Android 21 easily defends herself from all his blows. She is amused by what is happening, she is too strong an opponent for anyone else on this planet. It's almost impossible to kill her. Trunks gets hit after hit and is already desperate that he can do something. When he hit Android 21 in the sexy boobs, she was pleased and excited. She lost her vigilance for a while, and he struck her a strong blow by cutting her in half. She quickly came to her senses and was very angry with him, he had torn her favorite suit. Now Android 21 intends to punish him for it. Trunks was very scared, he didn't understand what she's going to do now, but he can't move anymore. She hit him with such force that he will no longer be able to resist her and will be immobilized. When he lay completely defenseless, she looked at his cock and realized that now was the time to have some fun with Trunks. Android 21 climbs on his cock and starts fucking the guy. Android 21 is in a great mood. Soon Trunks cums inside her. But the sex isn't over yet. She starts doing all sorts of weird acrobatic tricks on his big cock. You definitely haven't seen this before, what she just didn't come up with. She moans so loudly that she can be heard in other galaxies. After Android 21 had fun, she decided to leave the Trunks to her girlfriends, who will fuck Trunks to death. Trunks is going to have a big group sex. After Android 21 got the pleasure, she remembered about the time machine that she so wanted to test. But the time machine disappeared somewhere. All her big plans failed. It turned out that some girl used the time machine. In the next episodes, we will learn more about this girl.

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