Cell - EP03

In this cartoon the main character is Cell from Dragon Ball Z. You will also see minor characters - Trunks, Bulma and Android 21. Bulma realizes that something is wrong in this story, and tries to protect herself from Cell and Android 21. They are getting closer to Bulma, and she is very afraid of them. She doesn't know what to expect from this couple. Bulma tries to protect herself with a wrench, and doesn't understand what exactly they need from her. Android 21 asks Bulma how they can get to another planet. But at this moment, Android 21 sees a document on the table that she is very interested in. Bulma does not want to have this document taken away from her, this is the project of her whole life. He must not fall into the hands of villains. This is not a simple document, it turns out Bulma has developed a time machine. Now Cell and Android 21 can use it in their evil intentions, which will bring even more destruction. They want to go back to the time when Android 17 and Android 18 were still alive. Now they gained access to the machine and files, they want to get rid of Bulma. Cell is ready to do it with great pleasure. But then Trunks appears, and he is ready to fight with the last of his strength to save Bulma and the planet from these villains. But Android 21 is too strong, it's too hard to beat. She got rid of Trunks easily. At this time, Cell started having sex with Bulma. He stuck his nasty tentacles into her. Cell is ready to let her live if she helps him. But Bulma refused. Now Cell is sucking all the juices out of her. This time we will see that Cell has two cocks, he will penetrate both Bulma's tiny holes at the same time. When he penetrates Bulma, he will get super powerful strength. After that, he swallowed Bulma, as well as other girls from the previous series. Well, it looks like our villains did everything to go back to the past. Since they killed everyone they could.

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Author: Hinca-P | | more videos by this author


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