Crash landing on Goblins

Meet Samus Aran, she is the main character of the Metroid video game series. Moving from planet to planet, there was an accident on Samus's spaceship. She fell in the middle of some dark forest. Her ship is completely destroyed, she won't be able to fly on her own. The accident happened very quickly, due to an autopilot error, she just wanted to rest a little after a long journey. It looks like she is located somewhere in region 26. It is a completely unexplored planet and anything can happen to her. She tried to report her crash and is waiting for an opportunity to leave this place as soon as possible. She has no desire to stay here for a long time, the planet does not look friendly. She decided to explore the place and it seems this planet is very primitive. She thinks she shouldn't worry, but she should. The planet is full of small goblins and they have already captured her. She asks to let her go, but the goblins want to fuck her, and their dicks are already up. They stick their tongues into her body. It's hard for Samus to resist, there are too many of them, and she doesn't have a weapon. The goblins quickly undressed her and started to fuck her pussy. They fuck her in turn and hold her tight so that she doesn't resist. Hundreds of sex-hungry goblins are ready to start fucking her right now. Goblins have a big problem with women, there are almost no women on this planet 26. Samus Aran has to serve everyone. She is waiting for someone to come to her rescue and save her, and then she will be able to take revenge on the goblins for everything they did to her. But no one comes and Samua is not upset. She thinks about how to get out, and decides to pretend that she really enjoys the process of sex with goblins. But she still can't get out of this trap. It seems that she will stay with the goblins on this planet for a long time. And she already really likes sex with them. Support Ragneg if you like this video.

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