Cell - EP02

In this multi-part cartoon the main character is Cell from Dragon Ball Z. You will also see minor characters - Eresa, Videl, Mai, Zangya and Galaxy Soldiers. The whole city is destroyed, Android 17 and Android 18 (Lazuli) have been dead for more than a year. Mai tries to hide from Cell by any means. He is very close and at any moment he can find her. As a result, this happens. He grabbed her, but she tried to resist. Mai pulls out a weapon, but Cell easily snatches it. Cell abruptly grabs and undresses her. He laughs, and Mai is afraid of him, she has nowhere to run and no one will save her. He starts sucking her tits and fingering her pussy to get her body juice. After he penetrates her ass and gently fucks her. Mai is in bliss, she had orgasms many times. During this time, Cell sucked all the juices out of her, and then swallowed her and nothing was left of her except clothes. After Cell found Erasa and did the same with her. But suddenly, Videl appeared from somewhere and unexpectedly attacked him to save his friend Erasa. There is a fierce struggle, but Videl loses vigilance and Cell takes advantage. He grabbed her and now he will fuck both girls at the same time. Cell entered with his tentacles into the girl's pussies, he sucks the juices and swallows them whole. Also, Galaxy Soldiers flew to this city, they do not understand what they should do here, since this city has become a garbage dump. At that moment, Cell crept up from behind and grabbed each of the Galaxy Soldiers team. He sucked all the juices out of them too. Only Zangya survived. She understands what awaits her and is very afraid of death. Cell greedily takes her and starts fucking her as well as all the other girls, and then swallows. It looks like he now has enough strength to continue searching for the remaining heroes in this city. We are waiting for the continuation, as the story is getting more interesting.

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