Cell - EP01

In this multi-part cartoon the main character is Cell from Dragon Ball Z. You will also see minor characters - Android 17, Android 18 (Lazuli) and Android 21. At the moment, 6 episodes have been released, and soon you will see them all on our website. The girl is a real copy of Lazuli, walking alone along an empty dark corridor. She's scared, she doesn't know where she is and how she got here. On the way, she comes across a Cell. He lifts her body and starts to fuck. The girl enjoys the process. He goes deeper and deeper into her. The girl is excited and doesn't want to stop. After he cums, he started to make hot cunnilingus. Cell has a very big tongue, he knows how to give pleasure. In the end, the girl was already exhausted, and Cell swallowed her. It turned out that this girl is from a secret laboratory, where a lot of Lazuli are created, and Cell just tests them one by one. He needs to create an ideal girl in the laboratory, which will be as similar as possible to Lazuli. But so far their attempts are not bringing good results, and Cell is very angry. It turned out that Android 17 and Android 18 (Lazuli) have been dead for over a year, and that's why this lab is trying to make copies of them. Cell and Dr. Android 21 had a fight over the Androids she created. Cell is completely dissatisfied with the result of her work. Dr. Android 21 instantly became angry at him and is ready to destroy Cell if he starts threatening her. It turned out that she is much stronger than Cell and he has to make concessions to her. She doesn't want to see him anymore and asks him to leave her lab. Further conversation is meaningless. Cell won't let it go so easily and will continue to fight it. But the Dr. Android 21 doesn't care what he thinks, she still has a lot of work in the laboratory.

Categories: 3d aliens blondes english voice fantasy fetish hd hentai monsters parodies cunnilingus rape series squirting story tentacles

Author: Hinca-P | | more videos by this author


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