Young Widow's New Pet - Part 2

It's been weeks since the adoption of her new pet. They went to the market and Beatrice was dressed especially fancy today. At the market, the dog got very excited. Beatrice used to give him head every morning but today she forgot. She noticed his erect veiny cock. The dog can't stop thinking about sex for at least one day. The dog was drawing way too much attention, Beatrice was embarrassed. She took the dog behind one of the stalls where people couldn't see them. Beatrice wants to help the dog and starts jerking him off. She could feel the warm semen flowing down her throat. The dog semen kept her warm from the inside. It was a cold day, she needed more. The dog started licking her pussy. The dog was very excited to lick her clean. It would be so embarrassing if someone saw them right now. Her whole body was covered in mud. But that did not stop the animal from humiliating her in public. At this point her moaning was so loud, half the city could hear her. People were pointing at her. Instead of running away, she just let the dog pound her in front of everyone while desperately trying to cover her face. The people were disgusted, they have all left. The dog kept her warm by filling her up with semen. After they finished having sex, the guard's dog followed them to the graveyard. The animal showed clear interest in Beatrice. And they started having sex right in the graveyard. Her pink pussy was not owned by a different dog. She can't decide which of them prefers more. They both do such a wonderful job. The animals managed to shove the whole thing inside Beatrice. It's so warm and sticky. She refused to let him go. Now the three of them will live together. Beatrice used dog food to lure him all the way to her house. They gave her exactly what she wanted. She can't decide who is the best lover. His old pet was clearly a lot more rough with her, and Beatrice loved getting treated like that. Both dogs had excellent endurance.

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