Young Widow's New Pet - Part 1

It was cold Monday afternoon at the market. The ongoing war in the nearby region has made the lives of people living in Windhelm very rough. They've lost a lot of brave men during this time and their food supply was running low. Young widow would show up at the market everyday to buy some flowers. Her name is Beatrice, she still mourns her husband who died in war. Beatrice visited the burial ground every afternoon. She misses him a lot. After a short silent prayer she headed home. She has been living alone for the past few months, it was hard for her to let go of her husband but she knew she must move on. On the way she met a dog. Beatrice most definitely didn't want a stray dog in her house so she just ignored him and moved on. She would spend most of her time reading. It was getting dark, Beatrice was about to go to bed. A huge storm hit the city, the stray dog was still outside her house trying to hide from the rain. She invited the dog to her house. She opened the door for the dog and let him stay there for the night. The animal was happy to come inside. Beatrice didn't have a lot of food at home but she was kind enough to give the dog a big piece of meat. After feeding her new pet, Beatrice quickly fell asleep. Next day, just like any other day, the young widow went to the market and visited the burial ground. It was still very cold outside so she let the stray dog stay in her home for one more day. Beatrice took good care of him. She even cooked for the dog. Her kindness saved an innocent animal from freezing in the cold weather. The house went quiet. Beatrice has been waiting for her new pet to fall asleep so she could spend some time alone in peace. She's been rather lonely for the past few weeks. She missed this feeling so much. Her moaning was a bit too loud. The curious animal was watching her masturbate from the other room. She didn't notice the dog. The animal could feel something different about her. He is coming closer and closer to her. The dog could feel that she was in heat. Today was indeed Beatrice's most fertile day. The dog was getting aroused just by the scent of her pussy. Beatrice got on the bed on all fours, the dog followed her. Out of pure excitement the animal jumped on top of her right away. The dog loved her tight asshole. She begged him to put his dick in her pussy. She wants him deeper. The next day Beatrice did not visit the market, she instead stayed at home and took care of her new pet. She was purposely masturbating in front of the dog to get him excited. She loved trying new positions with her dog. The animal loved her pale soft skin. Beatrice would reward him with a blowjob every morning to further improve their relationship.

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